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Custom & Bespoke Interactive Design

What can be achieved with interactive web design?

We're specialists in creating online content using HTML5, and the Adobe Creative Suite (CS).

HTML5, in conjunction with Javascript and CSS3 is currently the most engaging technology available to use with the web, and it will support video, animation, games, website navigation, presentations, web intros, puzzles & many other interactive features. The sky really is the limit! Please contact us for a chat about what would work best for you and your site.

Bespoke Interactive Media Examples

Some of the recent bespoke work we've done which we're rather pleased with. Please click on a thumbnail to enlarge.

Birthday Party eInvitation Video 'whodunnit' with mock cctv footage Welcome panel for the website homepage of St David's, Cardiff, biggest shopping centre in Europe Christmas eCard Northumberland Highways - Online Animation Online game - Evening Chronicle Northumberland County Council Education Department - Online Application Presentation/animation for What's On North East Virtual Motors Showroom for motorsnortheast.co.uk Digital Advertising Portfolio Flash website elements Pegswood N3 Partnership | Bypass Flash Panel NSP Booklet Northumberland County Council Customer Care Ford Castle Virtual Tour NFRS | Flamin' Heck | Online Game Who wants to be a beauty therapist?

What technologies are used to create dynnamic interactive web solutions?

Traditioinally, up until a couple of years ago, this was the sort of thing that you'd turn straight to Flash to produce. The internet has now evolved and the technologies involved in creating something the user can directly interact with include Javascript, HTML5 and CSS.


It's important that everyone who visits a website displaying your ad is able to see it. In times gone by, the best technology with which to deliver interavtive media on the web was Flash, but that had its limitations: users first needed to install a small program called Flash Player. Despite being free and installed on the vast majority of computers, it was far from ideal, being a propriatory third party piece of software, internet users were beholden to Adobe for making it work, for it being up to date, and its development which went against the ethos of the development of the world wide web.

Eventually, technology caught up with Flash, and other technologies came along that were able to replicate what Flash could procude, and when Apple decided to prohibit Flash Player from any of its mobile devices, the end was nigh for poor old Flash.

In its stead canme HTML5, which, when used alongside Javascript and CSS3, all of which are open source and run natively in the browser (ie they don't need any software installed to be able to function) can produce anything Flash was capable of. And Adobe set to work on updating their software to accommodate this, phasing out Flash and Actionscript. It's this new(ish) technology that people use to create the same great interactive media they once did with Flash.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about our bespoke Flash design.