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August 2019

Maddison Multimedia Web Design and Digital Advertising Blog ~ Musings and Observations

Hello Barbie - Doll that spies on your children & sends info to the makers over the internet in the shops by Christmas! Yours for just £50

Mattel has created a prototype of a Barbie 'Hello Barbie' that responds to things your child says to it. But here's the catch: In order to learn how to best answer your child, what your child says is recorded and send via a wifi connection, over the internet to the makers who then keep the recordings to do with what they wish. As this article says, what could possibly go wrong??

Brilliant advert by Lidl

Supermarket chain Lidl have responded to Morrisons' attempt to eat into their market share by trying to price match the low-cost supermarket with this print advert. If you're like me, your first reaction is to think the type is a bit small, until you realise on further examination that's part of the pure beauty of it. It's often the case that design elements that jar are often more appealing to the eye than cohesive design and Lidl have used this to great effect by using both the pull of that unease you feel when you see it, to emphasise how having to physically go through that process in order for them to price match. See it in all its glory here...

Today is national freelancers day everyone!

Why not hug a freelancer? Link

Arthur C Clarke predicting the internet in 1974

In 1974 Arthur C Clarke told an ABC reporter that every home would have a computer and that it would talk to other computers and allow you to access things like your bank statements and theatre reservations. Watch it in amazement here.

Advertising revenues down during London 2012 Olympics

Unsurprisingly, advertising revenues in print and TV during the Olympics this summer. It is reported TV ad spend fell by as much as £200m as advertisers flocked to advertise in and around London, outdoor spaces being the main beneficiary.

This was also a product of the large TV audiences the BBC's coverage of the games was getting, and the Beeb being advertisement free.

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