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Contract work

If you have need of a Flash designer for any type of work, Maddison Multimedia has experience of providing studios with a freelance designer or contractor for any project. For contracts of one day to twelve months, we can provide you with a highly qualified candidate with considerable experience who can fit right into a team and get started right away.

Our rates are competitive and we can usually provide someone with as little as two days notice. (sometimes no notice is needed - please contact us for availability).


Online content such as Flash must meet a strict set of guidelines as laid out by the DDA (disabilities & discriminations act) and the W3C (world wide web consortium), so that web content doesn't discriminate against people with a disability - people with visual impairments for example. A wide range of things are taken into account such as font size, colour & contrast, & timing of adverts.

Failure to meet these guidelines can be punishable by law. All of our work is designed with these guidelines in mind. If you're not sure whether your current ads meet the standards outlined in these guidelines and would like us to give your ads an assessment, please contact us here.

Similarly, if you have an online advert which simply isn't generating the traffic to your site that you'd hoped for, we provide a service where we will assess the effectiveness of you advert and make you aware of why the advert isn't working and make any necessary changes.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about contract work or consultancy.