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Comprehensive Training: Interactive design for the web

Interactive media design training courses: Beginner, advanced, bespoke & on-site options available

We at Maddison Multimedia are experienced in providing on site Multimedia Training courses for a number of large corporate associations. Gazette Media Company, NCJ Media and the Press Association have all benefited from our bespoke training.

If you wish to speak to us about putting together a training plan for your business or individual within your organisation please get in touch. We currently offer three training options; a beginners course, an advanced course which includes Actionscript and a bespoke training option. Each of the options is detailed below. Courses start from just £250 per day.

Level 1 Interactive media training

Course Outline This two day course provides trainees with the knowledge, skills and hands-on experience they need to create rich media featuring animation, video & sound. No previous experience is required, however, trainees should be competent users of a PC.

Objectives Trainees will learn how to: Set up a movie and modify the appearance of the Stage, draw shapes, lines & fills, create custom colours, gradients & line styles, manipulate objects, create shape interaction, import graphics, & text and manipulate its behaviour & appearance, construct & use layers, create frame-by-frame, shape & motion tweened animation and publish their movie.

Training Options Any of our courses can be delivered on site at your UK office, or at an independent training facility convenient to you.

Included Included in this training option are twelve Months telephone & email support Comprehensive course manual with tutorials & exercises.

Course Content Introduction The basics of using Adobe software to create interactive media, Creating a new document Using the Adobe interface Layering elements & layer folders Creating graphics Reusing graphics & graphic symbols Creating a colour swatch Using colour effectively Using the drawing tools Importing graphics Using the text tool Using text effectively Font properties Embedded & device fonts Creating static text fields Masking content Introduction to animation Creating animation Timeline effects Creating frame-by-frame animations Tweening Motion guides Creating movieclips/buttons Adding behaviours to buttons Building a navigational system Using movieclips for interactivity Using the timeline for application states Building a movieclip with different states Building apps using nested symbols MovieClip events Adding/importing sound & video Using video components Publishing for web use Using HTML5.

Level 2 Interactive media training

Course Overview This two day Level 2 Interactive media course provides trainees with the skills, knowledge and hands-on experience needed to build a rich media application for the web with HTML5/Javascript/CSS3. The course focuses on using symbols, components, behaviours, & data binding to quickly get trainees competent in building interactive applications. Trainees will also be introduced to Javascript and fundamental programming constructs including functions, variables, loops & conditional logic.

Requirements Attendees will ideally have attended the Level 1 Interactive media training course or have equivalent experience in the use of interactive media.

Objectives Trainees will learn how to: Connect to an external data source from Canvas, understand and apply Javascript to control symbols, add dynamic drag & drop elements to a Flash Movie, build a JS/CSS3 controlled site navigation system in Flash & create functions within Javascript.

Training Options Any of our courses can be delivered on site at your UK office, or at an independent training facility convenient to you.

What's Included Included in this training option are twelve Months telephone & email support Comprehensive course manual with tutorials & exercises.

Course Content Introduction Placing content on screens Architecting a site with screens Building HTML5/Canvas applications with screens Navigating screens Using screens to build a menu Adding and organizing content Adding user interface components Layering Flash elements & layer folders Importing graphics Introducing Javascript Using the basic elements of Javascript Manipulating components with Javascript Debugging Understanding Javascript best practices Understanding dynamic content Connecting to external data Creating a master-detail RIA Binding results to a ComboBox Using the XML data binding component Handling user events on UI components Storing data in variables Populating a TextArea Storing data in variables Controlling application flow Controlling interaction between components Using conditional logic Implementing drag and drop on movie clips Using/reusing a MovieClip from the library Using dragging behaviors Reacting to MovieClip events Using built-in classes Using the returned data Reading the data from the text file Using data from a text file Using TextField & TextFormat Introducing object-oriented terminology Referencing an external JS file Introducing functions Reusing code with functions Using global functions Creating user defined functions Building a navigation system Using screens to build a sub-menu Navigating external SWFs Sending data out Understanding forms Submitting user data using forms Submitting a form

Bespoke Training

If the Interactive Media training you require isn't covered by the above two courses, we can put together a course which is designed with your needs in mind. A bespoke (a course written to your specific needs) one day, two day or three day course can be designed and delivered to up to 15 delegates at your workplace and can be as broad or as specific as you wish. It could focus on how to build an effective navigation system, or how to build games for example. Or maybe you'd like a course which focuses entirely on accessibility, compatibility and search engine optimisation within HTML5. If you'd like to discuss your training needs further, please get in touch and we will be more than happy to talk you through what we can offer you.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about our training.