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Give your business exposure to more people than ever before in the fastest growing sector of the advertising market . You can target your audience more accurately & monitor the results to find out exactly who is reacting to your ads allowing you to adapt your strategy accordingly to get the most out of your campaign?

Retail analysts Verdict Research estimate that the amount of money spent online shoppers increased by 35% to almost £15 billion in 2008.

Online advertising is the fastest growing sector of the advertising market & with advertisiers in the UK spending around £3.3 billion in 2008 on internet advertising, it is second only to television in terms of how much money is spent. With that figure set to continue to grow it is estimated that the amount spent on internet advertising will overtake television by 2011.

Spending on internet advertising grew by 17% in 2008 whereas the advertising industry as a whole declined. 19.2% of all the money spent on advertising in the UK in 2008 was spent advertising online, up 4.2% from the previous year.

With online advertising there are more ways than in any other media to monitor your campaign & manage it to make sure it is a success. You can monitor how many people are viewing your advert & what percentage of those are reacting to it & clicking through to your site, at what time and where in the world they are. more

With this information, it gives you the option to display your advert only at a certain time & location, so you can really make your advert work for you.