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So you're looking for digital advertising? Why choose us?

Why choose Maddison Multimedia to create your digital banner advertising campaign?

About us

Founded by digital designer Michael Maddison who has worked in digital media since 1999, Maddison Multimedia provides a friendly efficient service with an emphasis on customer satisfaction and great results.

Having designed ads for the digital portfolios of companies including Bentley, Fender, Hilton, B&Q, Q Magazine as well as local clients Benfield Motors, Newcastle United & Durham University, we have a broad sense of what works in online advertising and what doesn't.

About Our Work

Were incredibly proud of our portfolio of work, and believe it is among some of the most creative and effective digital advertising currently available on the internet, but we're biased! Why not check it out for yourselves? Take a look at examples of our work and compare it to what is available elswhere. We're confident that you'll agree, our digital adverts are second to none it terms of design, presentation & suitability.

We build for any platform

Having buillt creative media for Facebook, Yahoo, Bebo, & MSN Messenger amongst others, we understand what it takes to build a successful campaign whatever the size or shape of your adverts. We create digital adverts that are universally accepted and can be used on any site.

You may be tempted to make use of the design services of a website. The layout of their site dictates the size of the space available for adverts and it may be that they're a non-standard size. This would result in your adverts being unique to that site and non-transferable to another site should you wish to advertise elsewhere.

Our digital adverts are built with versatility in mind and will fit all standard ad sizes. If you find that you wish to advertise on a site without standard ad slots we will amend your ads accordingly FREE OF CHARGE.

Anything created by Maddison Multimedia for your business, automatically becomes your property, and you can use it how you wish.

Often, a company who designs an advert for you to use on their site will retain the intellectual copyright to the advert, so once your campaign has come to an end you may be told that you do not have permission to use it on a different site.

This way you're more likely to rebook a campaign with them rather than face the expense & delays that creating a additional digital advert to be created elsewhere would involve.

Plain English Speaking

We understand 'geekspeak' and have been communicating with IT departments for more years than we care to remember. Fortunately, we also speak English, so you won't end up talking to someone who only speaks computer jargon - we will filter out all the confusing technical terminology and speak to you in language you'll understand.

Once we've created your campaign, we can deal directly with the campaign manager at the website you're advertising with on your behalf if you wish. This way, any technical issues that may have occurred can be resolved promptly and with as little interruption to the process as possible.

Why not run a campaign across a number of sites?

Having a digital advert or campaign created by Maddison Multimedia means that you can take your ad to a number of advertisers & it can be live within a matter of hours. Having a different set of adverts for each of the sites you approach will add days to getting your campaign up and running. It also means that rather than paying for a different set of ads for each site, you ONLY PAY ONCE.

Please get in touch if you have any questions about why you should choose us to create your digital advertising campaign.