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Who are Maddison Multimedia Ltd?

We are a recently established digital media company specialising in the creation of attractive online advertising solutions with proven success.

Whether you're looking to advertise your business with an online advertising campaign, or looking to tie in digital advertising with a print campaign, or you may have sold an advertising slot on your own site and want impressive click through rates* to take to other potential advertisers, we can provide you with everything you need.

Technology on the web doesn't stay still for long and we make use of cutting edge web technologies to ensure that you are given access to the widest range of options available when it comes to creating your digital advertising campaign, from streaming video, games, music, animation & graphics.

We specialise in Flash design (and the Adobe Creative Suite) & harnessing its potential for building a comprehensive campaign from the ground up.

*If you're browsing this site and are baffled by some of the language used, why not take a look at this glossary of terms. We appreciate that not everyone is an expert in online advertising and try to use plain English wherever possible, but sometimes it's unavoidable!

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